Kids, Teens and Students Ministry

Sunday School
The Children’s Ministry runs the Sunday School for children from ages 6 to 12. The school provides a learning experience that centers around the discovery and understanding of God’s Word, presenting and making Christ real, building a Christ-like character and learning about corporate worship through the reading of Bible stories and prayer as well as participating in Christmas plays.
Youth Service
Youth Service provides an environment for our youths from age 12 to 30 to experience a flexible order of service and to help them understand the Anglican liturgy at their own pace. Service usually begins with an opening prayer, followed by a time of praise, sermon, offertory and group prayers. Among other things, that Youth Service also conduct Bible study and discussions and games that help them to flesh-out the Bible. The youths  participate  in mission outreach, diocesan sports, youth camps and other recreational activities in order to have a better understanding of church life.
Students' Ministry
An important ministry to look after the needs of local and foreign tertiary students studying in the country including students from Sabah and Sarawak. The Church has established two centres, St. Paul’s Chapel at Punchak Alam and St. Stephen’s Chapel at Bukit Jalil. Services are held in Bahasa Malaysia and conducted by trained lay leaders and pastors.
Servers’ Guild
The Servers’ Guild was established to assist in Holy Communion service. It is headed by a Chief Server who is appointed by the Vicar. This ministry provides an opportunity for young people to serve at the altars by assisting the clergy; in accordance to the Anglican practices and traditions. Their duties include preparing the altar for Holy Communion, reading of Psalms during the service and carrying the cross during procession.